BJJ Manifesto

"All The Techniques In The World Are USELESS If You Don't Have The Right Strategy...Learn The Best Strategies, And Your Techniques Will Work On Anyone"

Dear Grappler,

Have you ever struggled to finish a submission? While other guys seem to possess the almost magical ability to hit submissions precisely when their opponents are most vulnerable...tapping them with ease?

Have you ever wondered why this is?

Well, I'm going to tell you why.

In fact, I'm going to tell you some things about this amazing ground game that you probably never heard before! Things that almost let you "see into the future" while rolling, and then...

Our Strategies Put You Into Perfect Position So Your Opponent Falls Right Into Your Submissions you never have to struggle to finish a fight again (leaving you with plenty of gas left in the tank for the next battle).My name is Matt Arroyo. I fought for Team Matt Serra during the sixth season of the UFC reality show The Ultimate Fighter. I got my black belt in six years from Rob Kahn...who got his black belt from Royce Gracie. That's us over there to the right.

Six years is pretty good for a black belt. But if I knew then what I know now...I could've got it in three. What I'm about to tell you is that powerful.


As you probably already know, there are only two ways to tap out a world class bjj guy. You can either:

  1. Catch them with a submission they've never seen before, and therefore are less likely to be able to defend. That's how 2010 Ultra Heavyweight World Champion Rodrigo Cavaca defeated Roberto Abreau. He caught him with an Achilles lock from the 50/50 guard (a position that's still so new even crazy good BJJ legends like Abreau haven't mastered it yet)


  2. Capitalize on the smallest mistake IF they make it.

That's why so many matches at the upper levels are decided on points or advantage. These guys train three, four, sometimes five times a day, so there's almost no technique they haven't seen. And they are A-level grapplers because they almost NEVER make mistakes.

"Where did THAT come from?!"

But what if there was a way to cause even the most seasoned grappler to make a mistake...forcing them to trip up (for just a fraction of a second)...making them think twice about who they're going up against?

Better yet, what if you could catch your grappling buddies – guys who know all of your tricks – with submissions they think they know how to defend?

Imagine the look on their faces as they scream in shocked amazement "taptaptaptaptaptaptaptap" and then roll off the mat thinking..."Where did THAT come from?!" (that's how you really know you've gained respect on the mat).

Now if you're a white belt, there's no way you'll start submitting every black belt you meet (that's impossible). But with just a few simple position specific tactics, you can cause blue – and even new purple – belts to make seemingly minor slip ups.

Do these slip-ups really matter? Well, let me ask you a few questions...

  • Could you finish a rear naked choke faster if your opponent mistakenly let you get your arm under his chin...instead of blocking you by grabbing your wrist?
  • Would tapping a Brock Lesnar sized muscle-head with an arm bar be easier if he didn't have time to curl his arm to defend?
  • Do you think if your opponents made twice as many mistakes every time you roll, it just may help you hit more submissions?

Of course it would!

And if you're a more advanced grappler, say a purple or brown belt...then this may be exactly what you need to take your game to the next level.

The Formula for Easy-to-Finish Submissions

Rob and I outlined the exact position specific tactics that cause your opponent to make mistakes so they practically beat themselves in our new book BJJ Manifesto.

And – let me be perfectly clear on this point – THIS IS NOT A BOOK FILLED WITH TECHNIQUES! New BJJ books and videos come out almost every day. Some sell for as little as $10 and as much as $300. I know. I purchased them all. Many of these techniques are extremely complex. They have been developed by black belts who train three times a day, seven days a week.

In practice and research I have discovered that to successfully use these fancy BJJ techniques you need to either...

a) Hire a black belt for private instruction every single day


b) Quit your job, ignore your friends and family and practically live at the gym and train all day long. For most people, that's crazy!

In BJJ Manifesto, I show you simple and straightforward position specific tactics that...

Practically Force Your Opponent To Make Fight Ending Mistakes

There are no crazy techniques that require gumby-like flexibility to pull off...there are no moves where you have to be strong like Brock Lesnar to don't need to be a black belt to use this (in fact, it's probably better if you're still a purple, blue or white belt)...and it works with or without the gi.

This isn't about learning anything new. It's about making the moves you already know more you finish more fights with less work.

Just think how great it would be if you had a system like this that could force your opponent to give you an easy as pie submission any time you want! You'd never again be stuck in a superior position and not be able to finish your opponent. (Plus when you know these secrets, it actually helps you get out of bad positions too.)


  • Just mounted your opponent? Quick – DON'T go for the kill! Why attacking from mount almost guarantees you'll get bucked-off. Pg 2
  • ‚ÄčHow Judo, Wrestling and Sambo are different from BJJ...and...why success in other grappling sports can mean FAILURE in BJJ. Pg 4
  • The "Green Light" technique that alerts you to when your opponent is most vulnerable to your submissions. It's how I beat two black belts in competition when I was a purple belt, and it's the key to catching guys with years more experience than you (even if you have just "mediocre" submission skills) Pg 5
  • The single most important strategy when fighting opponents who rely on pure athleticism (great against wrestlers and naturally gifted opponents). Pg 7
  • How to choke out your opponent with shoulder pressure alone! Pg 9
  • When focusing on submissions KILLS your submission game! Secrets of the "make him tap himself" method. Pg 10
  • The single biggest mistake new grapplers make. It's why their techniques "don't work" even after they've drilled them in practice. Pg 11

The good news is it's an easy fix. I'll show you exactly how with the "P2MS" formula, that will...

Triple Your Finishing Percentage

...almost overnight!

In fact, this simple formula will reveal to you the submissions that were there all along, but invisible to you. Plus, it shows you how to finish those pesky opponents who refuse to fight and just ball up in 100% defensive mode...and how to catch even the slipperiest of escape artists.

You'll Also Learn:

  • Secrets of the "Defense Repetition Trick"! Based on short-circuiting the brains decision making process, this sneaky trick 1) Creates a false sense of security in your opponent...2) Deceiving them into thinking you're dead meat, while you...3)Secretly bait them into giving you an easy finish (Must know strategy for grapplers who use stealth and smarts instead of speed and strength). Pg 14
  • Boxers spend hours working technique on the heavy bag. How to use the "Grappler's Heavy Bag" to become a world class grappler instead of an average black belt. Pg 16
  • How to know – with 100% certainty – you're making progress as quick as humanely possible. Pg 18
  • When training at class RUINS your chances to win competitions. The difference between a competition strategy and training strategy. Pg 19

Let's talk about strategy for a minute. There's bad strategy, good strategy...and then...GREAT strategy.

And at the top levels of competitions it's not the strong and fast guy with more gas in his tank that wins. It's the guy with the better strategy.

How to Beat Guys Who are "Technically" Better Than You

I don't care if you know thousands of moves...if you don't know the techniques that set your opponents up to finish'll never be able to hit those moves with any consistency or against any guys at the higher levels.

That's why in BJJ Manifesto I go into detail about what you need to do in each of the major positions to dominate, manipulate and cause your opponents to make the mistakes that make them lose. A small sample:

  • The "Three Rules of Guard Success"! Passing and bottom sweep and submission secrets that work on the mat and in the cage. Pg 21
  • The single most important sentence you will ever read about bottom guard! Never be confused about what to do in butterfly, spider, 50/50 or any other open or closed guard again! Pg 24
  • Why keeping at least one foot on your opponents hips at all times is the key to open guard submissions and sweeps (plus a simple drill that quickly develops your "foot on hip" open guard). Pg 25
  • Why you should NEVER lay on your opponents CHEST in side mount (you'll immediately get bucked off or pulled back into guard). Plus, the two areas of maximum side mount control and which one leads to loads of easy finishes. Pg28
  • Passing half guard means getting your leg out from between theirs, right? Wrong! Why this simple mistake usually leads to you getting sucked back in guard or swept...and...the simple position change that will practically have him BEGGING for you to pass his half guard. Pg 28
  • Why you WANT to be attacked while mounted (and why being aggressive in bottom mount will almost always get you submitted.) Pg 30
  • Warning! The ONLY safe position for your arms when you're stuck in side-mount! Ignore this single warning and you'll forever struggle and strain on the bottom. Pg 32

And a ton more. How any little guy can wiggle to guard from side mount...why a pure BJJ half guard will get you killed in MMA...the #1 rule for half guard so you don't get passed or punched in the face...And the #1 method for escaping from back control!

And to make sure everything is dead simple, there are also 11 videos embedded within BJJ Manifesto with step-by-step demonstrations of the tactics. This means you won't miss a single detail or end up practicing a flawed technique.

Here's What Professional Fighters And Grappling Enthusiasts Are Saying About BJJ Manifesto...

"To take your Jiu Jitsu to the next level buy BJJ Manifesto"

Sequence 7

BJJ Legend Royce Gracie

You already know bjj is the most physically demanding sport in the universe., finally, are the pro-level secrets that will instantly help you harness your energy, keep you fully engaged and focused all through the fight...while you use your new tactics to bait your opponents into giving submissions to you.

I've spent thousands of dollars and years figuring this stuff out. And I've put it all together for you in an easy to understand format in BJJ Manifesto. This is the key to winning on the mat.

Want to see read this amazing book for yourself? You can...without risking a penny.

Here's what to do now: Just click on the "Get Instant Access" button below. Just enter your information, click submit and you'll be immediately taken to a page where you can download BJJ Manifesto (and three free bonuses, more on that in a moment).


Your FREE Digital Video Bonuses

Free Digital Video Bonus #1: Advanced Guillotines Revealed
(a $97 value)

In this free 30 minute video, I show you everything you've ever wanted to know about attacking with and defending the guillotine choke. You'll see guillotines from standing, guard and in mount...a nasty guillotine defense that actually chokes your attacker...and a sneaky guillotine for when you've just had your guard passed!

And much, much more. Here's just a sample:

  • A simple indicator that alerts you when your guillotine is tight enough (ignore this and you'll waste tons of energy on a weak choke).
  • The 3-Step "Guillotine Defense System" that drops you on top in side mount...or...chokes your opponent unconscious!
  • How to break-down your opponents posture without snapping his head (the best guillotine set-up for smaller guys who struggle against "smash and pass" muscleheads).
  • Four submissions (and one sweep) from the most common guillotine choke defense.
  • Triple your guillotine finishing power with the "sideways sit-up"! Removes every inch of space around his neck and gives you python like crushing strength.
  • Secrets of the "Wrong Side Guillotine" to finish the choke when your opponents head pops out.

Plus, best defenses for the deep, shallow and one-arm guillotine...and...a sneaky move that tricks your opponent into wasting his energy trying to finish the guillotine when you've got an easy escape – in your FREE video Guillotines Revealed.

Free Digital Video Bonus #2: Advanced Back Attacks
(a $37 value)

Supercharge your back game with Advanced Back Attacks. Most guys can see rear naked chokes and basic lapel chokes from a mile away. So I've asked my instructor (Royce Gracie Black Belt and 2009 Naga Coach of the Year Rob Kahn) to share some of his unconventional set-ups for finishing from the back.

Here's just a little bit of what you'll find in this information packed video:

  • How to and use your leg as a third arm to overwhelm even the strongest choke defense.
  • The little mistake most grapplers make that lands them on their back, crushed under their opponent when going for an armbar from the back (Easy to fix, and leaves YOU on top).
  • Finish MORE rear naked chokes! Secret set-ups revealed!
  • The amazing "Circle Lock" secret that sticks you to his back like glue even if you don't have your hooks in!
  • How to use your arm to triple the choking pressure of a reverse triangle (the #1 reasons why most people can't finish this choke)

You get Rob Kahn's tried-and-true strategies for sticking to your opponents back like glue...and... finishing him every time (like clockwork) once you're there – in your FREE video Advanced Back Attacks.

That's $134 Worth Of Free Gifts

BJJ Manifesto is just $27. And best of all, you do not risk a penny by ordering now. Why? Because you are covered by a super-generous...

100% Money Back Guarantee!

Here's how it works:

Read BJJ Manifesto. Watch all the bonus videos. And try out what you've learned. If you are not completely blown away by what you've learned, after 30 days (plenty of time to check out everything for yourself on the mats)...then I INSIST you ask for a fast refund of your purchase price. No questions asked. No hassles, either.


You don't even have to return anything. That's how confident I am of my stuff. I think you're gonna flip over what you discover. I think it's gonna change your life, overnight.

You've spent a small fortune on gi's and monthly gym fees already. Why not float just a few dollars more for the insider secrets of world-class Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that will increase your enjoyment of the sport...and help you slaughter the competition on the mats? This is how you earn respect, medals and notoriety.

Hit the Instant Access Button now. Don't get left behind. And start rolling roll just like the pro's.

Matt Arroyo

P.S. I've got one more FREE Digital Video gift here for you. It's a short video that reveals a new type of guard that I've started seeing at competitions. It's called the "goofy guard" and it works like crazy. In the video you'll learn

  • You need to be on your side in half guard, right? Wrong! Make this mistake and you'll easily be flattened out and on your back struggling to escape (the real key to bottom half guard control).
  • Do you get whizzered or caught in a darce choke when you secure the underhook from half guard? Easy fix gives you total control...AND...puts you back in guard!
  • Two sweeps from the goofy guard that leave you on top and locked down (immune to the dreaded post sweep scramble)


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